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The dynamic duo of Badgley Mischka all began with a switch of a college majors. That decision would lead to an eternal partnership centered around passion and fashion; that decision would result in a lasting partnership that would grow into a sophisticated, high-end, and internationally beloved American brand.

The story of the famous brand starts with two designers: James Mischka and Mark Badgley. Born one year apart, Mr. Mischka and Mr. Badgley first became acquainted in college at the world renown Parsons School of Design in Manhattan, New York.

Initially, Mr. Mischka chose to major in biomedical engineering where he wished to design artificial limbs; however, after taking a semester off to visit Manhattan, he completely changed his career path and pursue his love for fashion.  
Similarly, Mr. Badgley did not originate on the fashion path; his starting major in college was business. Mr. Badgley, who began his studies at the University of Southern California, left the West Coast to fully embraced the art and fashion world in New York. This decision lead Mr. Badgley to seek fashion studies at the Parsons School of Design. It is at Parsons where the two met and found their common passion for fashion that was exquisite and refined. A few years after graduating and working for other well distinguished designers, Mischka and Badgley--with the financial support of their families-- went on to launch their ‘own’ line out of Hell’s Kitchen, New York. This first attempt to step out on their own earned them great praise and numerous fashion awards. After its success, the design duo launched their highly coveted bridal line in 1993. 

Their designs began popping up on major celebrities including Winona Ryder; while, their bridal designs were chosen by Jada Pinkett and Will Smith for their wedding. The partners opened their first Badgley Mischka store on Rodeo Drive, California in 2000. Since then, the fashion designers have expanded their offerings to include accessories, contemporary wear, sportswear, swimwear, and fragrances.  

Presently, the name holds multiple boutiques, a flagship store in Rodeo, and exclusive selections in high-end international shops. Badgley Mischka is a celebrity favorite for award season; Jennifer Lopez, Helen Mirren, Audrina Patridge, Victoria Justice and numerous other celebrities have (and continue to) don their extravagant evening designs for red carpet appearances.