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Casadei is the brand started by an enterprising and skillful Italian family in Cesena, Italy. Casadei is a family affair and is run as such to this day. The collections are requested and pursued internationally. The brand is immensely popular with discerning women and high profile celebrities alike
The Casadei name was started by the skilled hands of Quinto and Flora Casadei in 1958.  Quinto Casadei, who remains the watchful eye over the leather facilities in San Mauro Pascoli, is the founder and designer of the critically acclaimed women’s footwear. Mr. Casadei was producing dream-like footwear for a very selective female clientele, when he decided to expand the reaches of his small shoe factory. His vision and hard work allowed Mr. Casedei to build an empire in less than a decade from its inception. 

In 1964 the Casadei label gained greater recognition through its expert craftsmanship and universal feminine appeal. With its continued expansion Mr. Casdei’s son, Cesare Casadeifollowed in his father’s footsteps. In candid family business fashion, Cesare Casadei gained the mastery and artistry that is his father’s footwear skill. Cesare Casadei was in effect ‘burnt by the sacred fire of art’; he was consumed by the perfume of leather and the essence of the laboratory research in his father’s facilities. Presently, Cesare Casadei is the driving force behind the creative inspiration and ambition of the brand. 

While Cesare Casadei is the artistic force that breathes the family DNA into the brand; it is his cousin, Fabrizio, that manages financial affairs and expansion of the family’s business. Together, the family continues to pursue and create fantastical achievements in designing women’s footwear. The undeniable dedication to excellence in execution, along with impeccable craftsmanship, has caused the Casadei brand to have far reaching international appeal. Famous celebrities who covet the Casadei collections include Demi Moore, Kate Hudson, Nikki Reed, Eva Mendes, Anne Hathaway, Keri Hilson, Gabrielle Union, and Beyonce.