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Fendi; one of the world’s most iconic, desired, and recognized brands. The Fendi fashion house is eternally chic, universally beautiful, and a fashion legend in of itself.
The internationally acclaimed brand begins as a handbag and fur workshop in Rome, Italy. Owned by the young Edoardo and Adele Fendi, the small shop quickly begins to make a name for itself as the premier place to purchase high quality leather and fur products. Over the next twenty years, the business expands to acquire more fur workshops; the business also begins to gain recognition outside of Rome. 

Shortly after, the Fendi Daughters took the lead in expanding and developing the burgeoning brand’s business. The sisters created new products for the leather and fur shops; then, they added the formidable fashion figure to their arsenal: Karl Lagerfeld. Under Lagerfeld, the fashion house began to turn tradition on its head by pushing techniques to new heights; he proposed new dying methods for fur, making them lighter, reintroduced forgotten skins, and implemented the classic signature double “F” symbol.

By the late Sixties, a ‘pret-a-porter’ collection is added to the Fendi house; the classic Fendi handbag is also redesigned for a softer, more modern appeal. At that time, the fashion house deemed it necessary to pursue a full style montage for itself; this decision lead to an expansion of offerings including a full ready-to-wear collection, gloves, jeans, ties, and home furnishings.

In 1997, the creative director Silvia Venturini Fendi creates the iconic ‘Baguette Bag’. The handbag quickly becomes a fashion cult object, with women all over the world seeking it as a collector’s item. A few years later, the brand continued to expand its reaches and opened its flagship stores in Paris and London. In 2007, the brand boasted the premiere and sole fashion show atop the Great Wall of China.

Presently, the Fendi name, hosts over 160 boutiques throughout the world, in over 25 countries including the United States, Japan, China, and South Korea. Famous celebrity clientele of the classic brand include: Eva Longoria, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Kate Bosworth,  Rhianna, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Ashley Greene, and Victoria Beckham.