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One of the most famous and established names in fashion, Roberto Cavalli is synonymous with phenomenal style. It seems that fashion was the predestined life for Mr. Cavalli, and he has made quite the international success with it. His love of textiles and prints has lead the brand to international stardom and celebrity fandom. 

Mr, Cavalli started his fashion career in Florence, Tuscany at the local art institute there. He had a passion for creating unusual and vibrant prints with textile; a passion that caught the eye of major Italian hosiery manufactures. In the early 1970s, he created and patented a special, revolutionary system for printing on leather; this procedure lead to his creation of magnificent patchwork designs on various materials and fabrics. He debuted his work in Paris and immediately gained the interest of major fashion houses Hermes and Pierre Cardin. 

At 30, Mr. Cavalli presented his own name brand collection at the Salon Prêt-à-Porter in Paris; the Sala Bianca of Palazzo Piti in Florence, Italy; and later on, displayed brocades, wild prints, printed denim, and multi-color stitched leather pieces in Milan. Shortly after, he opened his first boutique in Saint-Tropez.

In the late seventies, Mr. Cavalli met and fell in love with a Miss Universe contestant named Eva Duringer. In 1980, Mr. Cavalli married Eva Durringer, his eternal love and business partner. A few years later, Mr. Cavalli created a new collection that included his signature ‘sand-blasted’ jeans--a current standard staple for every jean manufacturer. That same year, Mr. Cavalli opened up additional boutiques in Saint Barth and Venice, Italy. 

The 1990s was the affirmation and acceptance of the Cavalli brand. Mr. Cavalli’s designs and work became noticed by not only Europe’s fashion elite, but the eyes of the world. In 1999, Lenny Kravitz proudly wore Cavalli’s brand and was photographed many times in his collections.  His pieces were appearing all over the world, and boutiques continued to spread internationally. 

Presently, Mr. Cavalli has stores and boutiques in over fifty countries including Moscow, Russia; New York City; Las Vegas; Shanghai; and Hong Kong. Mr. Cavalli has designed costumes for pop stars, and figure ice skaters. Celebrities who seek the works of Cavalli include Sienna Miller, Rhianna, Sharon Stone, Elisabetta Canales, Tyra Banks, and Jennifer Lopez.