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Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Shoes


Like many shoe designers, Giuseppe Zanotti did not start out with his heart set on becoming a creator of world renown footwear. Instead, Mr. Zanotti sought to be king of the music scene by trying to become a DJ. Little would he--or the world--know that soon his fate would bring him right back to his familiar roots, and land him at the top of fashion’s most desirable heels.

Giuseppe Zanotti was not fully interested in his little town’s shoe manufacturing traditions. While he did fancy the industry for its artistic elements, his eyes were set on pursuing the world of music. Mr. Zanotti became a dj that hit the most fantastic and diverse night clubs; he immersed himself in the culture of music and fashion. This immersion lead Mr. Zanotti to peruse the fashion capitals of Milan and Paris. It was at that moment, when Mr. Zanotti opened his eyes to the world of pret-a-porter and couture, that his love of art collided with his desire to pursue his small town tradition: shoe making. He stowed his headphones and began to devote himself fully to the world of shoes and fashion. 

Though, Mr. Zanotti started out freelancing and learning from small shoe craftsmen, his talent and ambition soon lead him to positions in the most established fashion houses. While working, Mr. Zanotti decided he should step out on his own, to be able to create his own models without restrictions; this lead him to purchase the Vicini shoe factory. 

For Giuseppe Zanotti the dream was not to only manufacture beautiful women’s footwear, but to create a shoe factory that treats footwear just like a major fashion house. Mr. Zanotti desired to marry the highest quality of craftsmanship to the highest, most innovative creativity. For Mr. Zanotti, it is about creating a factory that would meet every need of a woman’s foot. His vision resulted in the creation of several departments in his factory including a jewel making and heel making; each of these departments are solely dedicated to its own function. 

The first collection shown in New York was met by great admiration; buyers immediately welcomed Mr. Zanotti’s precious jeweled heels. Great success and growth followed, with the first boutique opening in Milan in 2000. Presently, the Giuseppe Zanotti brand reaching over 50 points all over the world. Many celebrities who seek the bejeweled, spectacular heels from Giuseppe Zanotti include Gwen Steffani, Naomi Watts, Adriana Lima, Lady Gaga, Elizabeth Hurley, and Sarah Jessica Parker.